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10 Days Fat Burner

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An ayurvedic formulated product for achieving weight loss. Made of 7 natural ingredients which helps in aggressive weight loss. Blended extracts of Garcinia Cambogia / Horsegram / Turmeric / PiperLongum / Fennel Seeds / Canary Seeds / Haritaki. Modern research shows use of these helped in achieving an average of 10 to 15 Kg weight loss.

How this Works

It breaks down excess fat molecules deposited all over the body and exits them by sweat and wastes. This product will not allow body to deposit fat.

This ayurvedic drink when taken with original honey gives very good result. Works well for both men & women.

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Clinically Tested

GMP Certified

Ayurveda & Natural

FSSAI Certified

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Brand Customers - 10,000+

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Healthy diet will support for maximum result. Avoid fast foods and junk foods.

10 Days Fat Burner couples


10 Days Fat Burner is blend of ayurvedic herbs to eliminate excess fat deposit.one This raw ayurvedic mix works better if used as instructed. The seven ingredients used are known to be the most effective for scrubbing fat. This ayurvedic drink when taken with medicinal honey gives better result.


Official Name Botanical Name
Horse Gram Macrotyloma Uniflorum
Garcinia Garcinia Gummi-gutta
Turmeric Curcuma Longa
Long Pepper Piper Longum
Fennel Seeds Foeniculum
Canary Seeds Phalaris Canariensis
Haritaki Terminalia Chapala

Research : https://bit.ly/2Op9QOU


  • Take one capsule daily before breakfast.
  • Take capsule with warm water for better results.
  • Follow diet chart for better results.



This is one of the best weight loss mix. I lost 12 kgs. Taste is not good though. But it is a raw herbal mix, we need to take daily for better results. BTW, am doing workouts also.

2019-09-25 Verified User

Lost almost 15 kg of fat in 2 weeks. Excellent results for me. Will suggest to all.

2019-09-26 Verified User

Where do i get in this Hyderabad? Is it available in retail shops ?.


I have shed 5 kgs of fat in a week, but the taste of drink is not great. When inquired customer service they told this is raw ayurvedic formula. Adding honey will give a better taste.

2019-09-29 Verified User

I didnot get results , it is hard to follow the diet chart, I cant stop taking meat.

2019-09-29 Verified User
Priya Sakth

I was 60 kgs and over weight , could not wear fit dresses . 10 days fat burner helped me for burning 8 kgs of unwanted fat deposits. Now i look really good in slim fit dresses. Thanks Sangam company.

2019-09-29 Verified User
Shilpa g

This ayurvedic drink helps me to burn all the fats in my body in a month. It’s an amazing product .For better taste add some honey into it.

2020-01-11 Verified User

In early days i couldn’t bend down due to fat inside my body. And after using this product i could see the huge difference in me. so, Now i am able to bend down easily. Superb product!!

2020-01-11 Verified User
Preethy p

I am using this product for last few days and it gave me some positive result. But for maximum result we need to do aerobics daily. And must drink this fat burner twice a day. And mainly avoid ice-creams,cakes,biscuits,etc...

2020-01-11 Verified User

To stay fit in your life, buy this 10 days fat burner which burns every fats in our body and helps to be fit. So this is an amazing product where the delivery is so good enough. And the way of packing the products is also so good. And it’s an must buy product for who and all are very fat. Thank you!

2020-01-11 Verified User

I am going to gym for past 3 months to reduce my fat. And i was working hard in the gym but it doesn't help me a lot ,meanwhile my gym trainer suggested me to take a fat burner drink every day. So, i took this drink daily and now i lost all the fats.A lot of thanks to my trainer as well as to the product.

2020-01-17 Verified User

I used this product it is fantastic and the delivery is so good with free of cost.And it is an affordable cost.So everyone try this product.Thank you.

2020-01-25 Verified User

is it important to do excersice or gym after drinking it

2020-01-28 Verified User

I have lost 16 kid in two month but I followed the diet chart also workout 45 mins and cardio for 5 Km and swim for 500 meters everyday excep Sunday’s for last 2 month I just finished my 3rd bottle 250gm of the 10days fat burner

2020-01-30 Verified User

I ordered this product on Monday and received it on Thursday, prompt delivery. I have still not started to use the product but I liked the way they delivered it. When the delivery itself is so professional then I am sure that the product also will give good results. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2020-01-31 Verified User
Naresh Rao

I was searching a product that make my body slim I saw this product on online I booked it and the dilvery was late and also started to use this product let see how it works and I'm following diet and jogging at morning

2020-02-02 Verified User
Yanala subbarao

My second bottle arrived yesterday, and that means this product works! Despite eating my normal diet, I've lost weight without any of the side effects.This is an effortless way to get back into my skinny jeans!!!

2020-02-06 Verified User

Hi yesterday I got this product ...it's my first day I started my weight now 77.9 my height 5.2 ....so after 3 weeks I tell my result

2020-02-15 Verified User
Rahul acharya

Great product in affordable price.It also works well.Packing was also great i got my package in 3 days.

2020-02-19 Verified User

It is a genuine product. Works well with proper exercise and diet. Not for lazy guys..

2020-02-19 Verified User

A very effective for those who want to maintain their lean muscle. Gives you good strength and burns fat.And I am going to order it for the second time.

2020-02-19 Verified User
saraju siddiquie

Hi this is very nice product. I am using since 3 months and lost 30 kgs till now

2020-02-26 Verified User
Kinzang Deki

I really want to try this product...your review really made me inspire..

2020-03-02 Verified User

Seriously had a great and gud results I used sooooo many stuff to loss my weight I was 94 wen I started this drink....I lost 4 kgs in 15 days.....thanks a lottery love this drink

2020-03-07 Verified User

As I was so fat I wanted to loss some weight , so I opted for this newly launched Fat Burner.This is actually a good product and far better than other products.I lost 2kg in 6 days.. I am really happy and satisfied.Getting expected results.

2020-03-07 Verified User

At first i was hesitating about this product which will be able to reduce my weight or not, but once i started taking this product as per the instruction, i can say that it totally works, i lost around 10 kg by just taking it.

2020-03-13 Verified User

I trying to lose my weight since long, going to gym and diet is not doing the work much. Ordered this product . will inform the results after 1 month. Hope this works

2020-03-14 Verified User

I have been using this product for almost 4-5 months. Taste is good. Seems like it works for me and really good.I have lost my weight upto 6kg.Thank you.

2020-03-14 Verified User
Pallavi Deshmukh Ranjan

Hi.. i have read all reviews n willing to buy...will it really works...want to reduce around 12 to 15 kgs..

2020-03-16 Verified User

It's my 10th day.. I lost 1 kg...with diet

2020-03-17 Verified User
Anuja patil

I like this product and taste. I feel I got value product for my money. Authentic and Quality is good. Perfect blend of nutrients. Powder consistency is good. Smells nice. I am enjoying to have this Fat Burner. No side effects observed. Results are up to the mark and as per my expectation.

2020-03-21 Verified User

Its great mixing and taste is so delicious and results is also good.After using this product i can see the changes in my body in just 1 week,really it is effective to me.I recommend all to try this product atleast once and you will be shocked after seeing the result..

2020-03-21 Verified User
Dr Jai

Surely this is the best product I've used. This one had changed the history in me. early I was so fat, but after using this product I had lost around 10 kgs in 2 weeks.Thanks a lot!!!

2020-03-28 Verified User

I am a big fan of 10 days fat Burner.One day my friend who is a bodybuilder in my gym, suggested me to try this product.Then i started using it and now i lost 5kg in 2 weeks.So,thanks to this 10days fat burner and to my friend who suggested me this product.

2020-04-02 Verified User

Good product and result was so good.. Much satisfied with it. It's really usefull and helps in burning the fats.And now i lost around 6kgs in 3 weeks.Great product and great delivery.Thank you!!

2020-04-03 Verified User

OMG!. This product is really awesome. I lost almost 9 kgs in one and half months. Really this product worked very well to me.I don't expect this result at all.Thanks a lot.I also suggested to my friend to try this product.Thanks once again.

2020-04-04 Verified User

This product has helped me a lot. I am very much thankful to this Fat Burner. Initially when I started my weight was 85 kgs.And Now I am very proud to say that I have achieved my goal of reaching 70 kgs. Superb Product,and once again thanks to this product...

2020-04-09 Verified User

Now only i have hot the product. Delivery was good. After using this product i should tell the result. Now I'm 68 kgs. I wants to lose around 12 to 15 kgs. I hope i will give the best result

2020-04-10 Verified User

Good one!!Perfect Result.Nice taste as well.I am gonna suggest all my friends to buy this product.It is a pure ayurvedic and highly recommended one.I am so happy to see my weight which losts around 5kgs in a week.so this product helped me to get fit which gave me a life because next month i'm going to get married.Thanks to this product.

2020-04-11 Verified User

I got the product on time. Delivery was nice.Its a very good product..And i saw the change in me after using it for a month.Really i am saying that it is the best product for weight loss because i lost 5kgs in 3 weeks.So this product is Highly recommended and genuine product.

2020-04-15 Verified User
Santhi Sadhu

I read all reviews about the 10 days fat burner and eagerly waiting to reduce my weight. So i have purchased 2 bottles. I am writing the review after using one bottle, there is no difference in my weight. Any problem in me or product?

2020-04-24 Verified User
Sonia dureja

Very nice product, its cheaper than the other products, but the main point is that it really works!! No need to buy other brands which are too expensive and it is a pure ayurvedic one.And packaging was very nice.It is more effective,i lost 10 kgs in a month.

2020-04-30 Verified User

Got this product yesterday and taste is some wat acceptable Hope this will give a good result and i will post my review after 10 days...

2020-05-15 Verified User

After My Marriage i put on more weight,need to reduce my weight so i tried this wonderful product, i have reduced 3 to 4 kgs in month. Thanks

2020-06-10 Verified User

I have felt very good result in 15 days . really i am very happy because i lost 6 kg in 15 days. Thank you so much.

2020-06-27 Verified User

I loss one kg in three days

2020-07-02 Verified User

I got good result using 10days fat burner. I recommend to my daughter also. But she needs in flavour. Because, she is young girl. I am expecting positive response from your side.

2020-07-15 Verified User

It is really unbelievable . I reduced 4 kgs in 10 days. But, If it's tasty means will be fine. But i am so happy.

2020-07-15 Verified User
Amit shaw

Superb product. I am using it from last 2 months. At the time i started with 94 kgs and now my weight is reduced to 69 kgs. Thanks 10 Days fat burner.

2020-07-23 Verified User

Hai i am sakshi from kerala. I bought 1 bottle and used it fully. Now i lost 11 kgs. This is really awesome and good customer support also. I suggest this to my friends also.

2020-07-23 Verified User
Parthiv singh

haay main panjaab se paarthiv hoon. mainne pichhale 20 dinon se is utpaad ka upayog kiya hai. vaastav mein mujhe is parinaam kee jyaada ummeed nahin thee. main 12 kilograam haar gaya. bahut badhiya utpaad. main nishchit roop se sabhee ko yah salaah deta hoon.

2020-08-31 Verified User

Excellent product. first of all i say thanks to 10 Days fat burner and customer support team. They handled me with good manner. Now, I say about the product. It is an awesome product. It helped me to lose 13 kgs in a month.Again i ordered one more bottle for my friend.

2020-08-31 Verified User
Nagul Rav

Hey i am nakul from UP. I bought this product on 1 month before. Now i am really happy to got the results. It has reduced my weight from 91 kgs to 82 kgs. The very Best product!!!

2020-09-08 Verified User
Varheel Hameed

I used it for 10 days and obviously it gave some good result. Now i had lost 3 kgs. So, am Waiting to see the full result.

2020-10-08 Verified User

Using this product from last 15 days. Now i have lost 5 kgs. Really it is an effective one.

2020-10-12 Verified User

Hey! i really like this drink though..... Im having this drink on and off and still in can see results.. I'm gonna start it again on regular basis.... hope to see the best result i wish too... i will keep you updated

2020-11-28 Verified User
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Clinically Tested

 Clinically Tested

10 Days fat burner is clinically tested by NABL accrediated lab recommended by doctors.