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What is 10 Days Fat Burner?

A perfect ayurvedic formulation to eliminate excess fat deposit. 10 Days fat burner is one of the best product from a successful brand. This raw ayurvedic mix works better if used as instructed. The seven ingredients used are known to be the most effective herbs for removing excess fat. This ayurvedic drink when taken with medicinal honey gives better result. Gained 100's positive reviews over time.


10X Weight Reduction

10 Days Fat Burner contains high carbohydrates and less fat, and slow digestible starch which make ideal for obesity.

Appetite Suppressant

10 Days Fat Burner stimulates high calcium and protein and makes the body appetite that resulting in lower food consumption.

Govt. Certified

10 Days Fat Burner is Certified with The International Organization for Standardization & Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

10 Days Fat Burner

Detox Supplement

10days Fat Burner helps in eliminating toxins, support liver functions and gently cleanses internal parts.

Slimming Herbs

10 Days Fat Burner contains ayurvedic slimming herbs that helps in treating obesity since it has low fat.shome page contents.

No Side effects

Ancient Indian medical system of ayurveda for 1000 years to treat obesity and to remove the bad cholesterol or bad fat with no side effects.

Why Choose - 10 Days Fat Burner



10 Days Fat Burner has herbs that are less in fat & high in carbohydrates that reduces your body fats.

Pure & Fresh


10 Days Fat Burner contains high calcium and protein that stimulates you to maintain your metabolism.

Certified Corporation


10 Days Fat Burner has slow digestible starch that produces appetite helping you reduce more weight.

Before and After Use

Disclaimer – Individual result may vary.


10 Days Fat Burner